Extensive inspection

Diagnostik und Therapie

The basis for a successful  treatment

The essentials for detailed planning and successful treatment are a thorough clinical examination beforehand as well close communication during which our patient’s wishes and ideas are expressed.

Medical history – case history

In the medical history both the general medical and the dental history will be taken into consideration. Furthermore we are very interested in getting to know our patients’ wishes and expectations for the therapy. This information forms the important cornerstones of our individual treatment programme.

Extraoral result

The characteristics of our patient’s face and the ideal integration of the teeth into the patient’s smile and face are noted as part of the extra oral findings.

Intraoral result

In-depth examination of oral mucosal membranes and salivary glands.

Dental result

An analysis of the dental findings l shows what treatment is necessary. We examine and note down all restorations, decay, teeth movements, loss of tooth substance due to crunching or acidity, as well as missing teeth.

Parodontal result

Inflamed gums or jaw bones, so-called parodontitis, can cause loosening of the teeth and even loss in the worst case. In the parodontal results the gums are examined for traces of infection.

Radiology result

If necessary, an X-ray picture of the teeth is taken to assess the state of teeth, periodontal apparatus and the bone anchoring the teeth.

Functional result

Teeth, jaw joints and jaw muscles are examined with regard to their chewing function.