The growing esthetic sense of our society is encouraging more and more adults to consider orthodontic treatment. The tooth displacement of almost any patient can be treated using Invisalign. Wearing the ultra-thin transparent synthetic splints provides an almost invisible regulation of the tooth displacement. The splints can be removed throughout the entire treatment process; eating and drinking as well as an optimum dental hygiene are no problem at all. Helped by a computer-aided state-of-the-arts procedure, the so called “aligners” are made out of a thin transparent plastic film. This method allows the teeth to be straightened without any wires or other auxiliaries. Patients rarely notice they are wearing the splints.

A close examination will show whether Invisalign is the appropriate method of treatment for the individual patient. In some cases, it is sensible or even necessary to combine Invisalign with more common orthodontic treatment methods. Especially for very busy patients, Invisalign can be a very comfortable and handy alternative. With this method of treatment, the dental appointments do not take long and the time periods between each appointment are extending. Thus, time spent at the dentist is minimized. Thanks to computer simulations the patient can see what the final result will look like even before starting the treatment.