Esthetics and functionality

More and more adults are visiting an orthodontist because people nowadays are much more aware of esthetics. These patients are often diagnosed with disorders of their masticatory system. In nearly every case the patient comes to the dentist complaining that their dental hard tissue is worn out – but patients rarely associate this with their tooth displacement. Tooth and jaw adjustments can be carried out at any age. However, the treatment methods differ according to age, the patient’s individual problem and esthetic needs.

Using the most modern diagnostic methods we are able to develop tailor-made treatment plans based on recent studies and scientific findings, to create a charming smile. We communicate closely with our patients to try to learn more about their wishes, their medical and dental history, and to provide optimum therapy planning.

Clinical examination, functional diagnosis and photographic analysis

Our orthodontic treatment programme is based on a close examination of the teeth, the parodontium, the oral mucosa as well as the entire masticatory system, including masticatory muscles and the jaw joints. This good look at all of them will provide important parameters for an effective therapy programme, since a holistic treatment has positive effects on the entire masticatory system, as it does on the entire body.
Apart from teeth functioning correctly, they are essential for a wonderful smile. To put this into practice, we take various photographs of our patients and analyse them afterwards with the help of the computer.

Computerised X-ray diagnostics and model analysis

Latest radiologic diagnostics allow us to plan individual therapy following the findings of modern-day science. Three-dimensional pictures of teeth and bone structures allow the best possible diagnostics and therapy planning.
To be able to judge the sizes of spaces and the exact relations between the upper and lower jaw in three dimensions, 100 % precise models will be needed.

Planning the therapy

The best orthodontic treatment needs to fit to all of the patient’s individual characteristics. A gentle and effective therapy can only be guaranteed by state-of-the-art techniques and skills. The result will be not only be even teeth but furthermore an esthetic synergy of teeth, gums and lips. Often, even small changes in the tooth position lead to significant improvements from a cosmetic point of view.