Detailed examination

Orthodontic treatment ought to prevent dental or gingival diseases, improve the functionality and, of course, produce an esthetically appealing smile. The best start for the treatment depends on the cause of the malposition.
We like to meet our younger patients already before they enter school. In some cases it may be necessary to start treatment even earlier. Based on the most modern diagnostic methods and latest scientific data we design individual treatment plans for each of our patients – always aiming for a wonderful smile.

Medical history and clinical examination

In an in-depth conversation we try to find out everything about your wishes as well as your medical and dental past history to be able to plan the treatment according to your age and development. With all our patients, the teeth are examined in detail and the individual risk of tooth decay is taken into account. We base our orthodontic planning on these data.

Functional diagnostics and photo analysis

Examining the entire masticatory system including masticatory muscles and the jaw joints provides important parameters to design the therapy plan.  Comprehensive treatment will, naturally, have positive effects on biting, chewing, speaking and breathing. Apart from correct functionality our office also emphasises the esthetic well-being of our patients. To achieve the best effect we take different photographs of our patients and analyse them by computer afterwards.

Computer-aided X-ray and model diagnostics

Latest radiological diagnostic methods help us to guarantee an individual therapy. Three-dimensional pictures of teeth and bone structures allow the best possible diagnostics and therapy designs. To be able to judge the size of spaces and the exact relations between upper and lower jaw, 100 % precise models are needed because a correct analysis of space can prevent the extraction of healthy teeth.

Planning the therapy

The ideal orthodontic treatment should be perfectly adjusted to the patient’s characteristics. Only by using the latest techniques and knowledge, we can guarantee the most gentle and effective therapy. The result is not only straight teeth but also a highly esthetic interaction of teeth, gums and lips.