Modern endodontology

Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is necessary in the cases of inflamed or even necrotic pulpa. The cause of this is bacteria entering the pulpa through tooth decay or an accident affecting the teeth. The infection hurts, the patient has trouble chewing and a hot/cold sensitivity – still, in some cases the inflammation even remains undiscovered. A root canal treatment is the final attempt to save the diseased teeth. During the root canal treatment the inflamed pulpa will be removed, the resulting cavity is disinfected and tightly sealed afterwards. Using the latest technology this treatment is highly successful.

Operating microscope

By using an operating microscope a precise and minimally invasive treatment even of the smallest tooth structures, such as the root canals, is possible.

Three-dimensional radiologic diagnostics

In complex cases, radiologic diagnostics are practised with help of a three-dimensional X-ray picture made by a digital volume tomography (DVT) in our office.


The treated tooth will be isolated by means of a “coffer dam” which was dveloped in our office, to prevent any infection by bacteria from the saliva. For further information ▸

Conditioning and ultrasonic douche

The length of the root canal will be electronically defined and the infected tissue is removed with fine, flexible instruments. Afterwards, the root canal will be properly cleaned and disinfected. Depending on the tooh’s shape and position it may have one or more root canals.

Tight sealing of the root canal

To prevent a new bacterial infection the cavity is disinfected, filled up with a biocompatible substance and tightly sealed afterwards.