Dental bridge - Precise and esthetic restorations

A dental bridge is a permanent solution for bridging gaps between teeth, in which missing teeth are replaced with high-quality ceramic. It rests on adjacent teeth, which serve as abutments, and is designed to blend seamlessly into the existing dentition - visually unobtrusive and functionally convincing. Dental bridges are one of the best-researched and most proven methods of fixed dentures and offer a reliable alternative to conventional methods. In our practice, we specialize in fixed dentures.

On this page, we will provide you with comprehensive information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether a dental bridge is the right solution for you. You can also find out how we make the decisive difference for our patients.

How we bridge gaps between teeth

Dental bridge explained

Different types of dental bridges - a solution for every patient case

In modern dentistry, there are various types of dental bridges that are suitable for different clinical situations. The classic dental bridge has been tried and tested for generations and is particularly stable. Another variant is the adhesive bridge or Maryland bridge, which is a minimally invasive alternative for the anterior region and does not require extensive grinding of the adjacent teeth. For more extensive tooth replacement solutions, we offer implant-supported bridges that rest directly on implants and do not put any strain on the natural teeth. Each of these types of bridge has its own specific advantages, which we will be happy to explain to you in detail so that you can make the best choice for your individual situation.

The classic dental bridge 

Proven dentures with state-of-the-art technology

A gentle and aesthetic solution

The adhesive bridge (Maryland bridge)

Optimal solution for extensive dentures

The implant-supported bridge

Understand the difference

Fixed dental bridges vs. dentures

Your path to a new dental bridge - precision and efficiency in our practice

Our practice specializes in the fabrication and insertion of dental bridges using the latest technologies and materials. The treatment process begins with a precise diagnosis and careful planning to ensure that the dental bridge is optimally tailored to your individual needs. We use zirconia ceramics, which are made in our practice in just one treatment session, offering you many advantages, including fewer appointments and fast completion of your new teeth.

The first step

Precise diagnostics and individual treatment planning

Focus on innovation

State-of-the-art dental bridges in just one appointment

The final step

Permanent luting of your dental bridge

The path to a dental bridge

What if a tooth still needs to be removed?

Decision support

Dental bridge versus implant

Dental bridge expertise: our precise approach

In our practice, fixed prosthetics are the focus of our dental services. Thanks to the extensive expertise of our dentists Dr. Sebastian Horvath and Dr. Domonkos Horvath and our continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology, we offer the highest standards in the fabrication and fitting of dental bridges. Our approach guarantees that every dental prosthesis is not only functionally perfect, but also aesthetically pleasing to meet the individual needs and expectations of our patients.

Dentist and specialist in prosthetics (DGPro)

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

As a recognized specialist in prosthetics (DGPro), Dr. Sebastian Horvath brings his extensive experience and expertise to every case to provide optimal dental solutions. His approach combines technical precision with aesthetic awareness to ensure the best possible patient care.

Excellence in dentistry 

What sets our practice apart

Expertise, precision, aesthetics

We combine specialist expertise with state-of-the-art technology for high-quality dental bridges.

Longevity and care of dental bridges: Your guide to long-lasting dental health

A dental bridge is an important investment in your oral health and your smile. To maximize the life of your dental bridge, it is important that you care for it properly. Careful daily oral hygiene is essential to maintain the structure and aesthetics of your dental bridge. At our practice, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the best care methods and support you in keeping your bridge in optimum condition.

Weitere Infos

A realistic overview

Longevity of dental bridges

Tips for long-lasting health

Effective care of your dental bridge

Real experiences, real people: patient testimonials about our practice

In our practice, we attach great importance to the satisfaction and positive feedback of our patients. This section is dedicated to the success stories and testimonials of patients who have received a new smile as a result of our dental bridge treatment. The before and after comparisons and personal testimonials presented here illustrate the quality and success of our dental services and offer new patients valuable insights into possible treatment outcomes.

A patient report

My journey to professional dental restoration

Patient experience

What do our patients say?

Real experiences

What our patients say

Mario Musumeci

Choosing Dr. Horvarth for my complete dental restoration was one of my best decisions. Dr. Horvarth is not only a personable and upbeat person but also a great specialist in his field. I hardly had any pain during the whole treatment. I am very satisfied and overjoyed with the result. I felt that I was in good hands at the  practice. Big praise and thanks to the whole team.

Irene Mazenauer

Once again I was looked after in a wonderful way in the ultra-modern & professional practice of Dr. Horvath. The extensive specialist knowledge, the modern treatment methods and the efficiency of the staff and Dr. Horvath personally are particularly impressive.

Here, even a visit to the dentist is a pleasure every time and the end result is more than satisfactory!

I can warmly recommend the Horvath dental practice 100%!

Amanda Portmann

I luckily found Dr. Horvath's family dental practice on the Internet and the website really appealed to me.

I am a very critical and sensitive person and I had a dental phobia. I actually only wanted to have a dental filling, but when I made my first appointment with Dr. Sebastian Horvath, I felt very comfortable and competently advised. I therefore had a lot of confidence and decided to have a complete dental restoration: Two bridges, 8 implants and all teeth re-crowned.

It has been very worthwhile for me because it is a great new quality of life for my overall health.

I am very happy and glad that I entrusted myself to Dr. Sebastian Horvath. He has exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to Dr. Sebastian Horvath and his highly qualified team.

Anyone who finds Dr. Sebastian Horvath can count themselves lucky!

I am very happy.

With gratitude, A. Portmann

Ursula Keller

As a patient of Dr. Horvath, I can only share the best experiences. From the first appointment to the end, everything went as discussed. Also the good care, the honest trust makes every procedure successful.
I thank Dr. Horvath and the whole team very much that I can count myself among your patients.

Helena Burg

Can't recommend it enough!

Background: I have struggled with a problem molar since I was a teenager and have seen several dentists over the years. I had this tooth removed and an implant placed in my home country. Corona came and due to travel restrictions the treatment was delayed, resulting in the implant healing in the wrong position and the tooth behind it cracking, making it impossible to attach a crown to it.

The solution: Dr. Horvath was able to come up with a long-term plan to solve the problem once and for all, and with the help of his lovely wife, we were able to create the necessary space for a crown, remove the implant, and place a brand new, custom-made bridge that was 3D printed literally in three hours. Part of it while I was pregnant.

This is a family practice that really cares about its patients. I have often come to my appointments alone with my baby and have always been warmly welcomed. Everything is planned so that it can be done in as few appointments as possible. As an expat in Switzerland, the reason I originally had treatment done in my home country was the cost of dentistry here. My treatment with Dr. Horvath (including an orthodontic treatment with his wife to align the teeth before the final bridge placement) was mostly covered by my supplementary health insurance in Switzerland, and in the end the whole treatment (including the aesthetic orthodontic treatment!) was cheaper than if I had traveled to my home country to have it done. I was missing a tooth for almost 5 years, and Dr. Horvath gave me brand new teeth in just a few hours 🙂

If you are considering going to Dr. Horvath for a checkup, stop thinking and just do it! I guarantee you won't regret it!!!

Daniel Hug

Excellent work, modern and efficient, reliable, friendly, highly recommended in every respect!

Stefan Hauser

I have been with Dr. Horvath (senior and junior) for many years. Great doctors and team. The treatment is of the highest quality and utilizes the latest technology and expertise.

Philippe Zuminkon

Flexible appointments arranged so that you waste as little time as possible so you don't come back. Excellent, friendly reception at the front desk, same goes for all the doctors and dental hygienists on staff. Dr. Sebastian Horvath was just great, professional, after a diagnosis of my dental situation everything was done in no time. Although I speak German, I was pleased to be welcomed and treated in English. Everything is high tech, probably a bit more expensive, but compared to dentist prices in Switzerland, which are neither insured nor prohibitive, the value for money is remarkable. All in all, it's a win-win relationship. Highly recommended and many thanks to the team at Horvarth

Best Philippe Zumikon

Sam Ammann

The overall experience is indescribable. It has to be experienced.

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Sebastian Horvath as my dentist (30 minutes from Zurich). His competence and expertise are excellent and I feel I am in the best hands with him. He takes the time to explain EVERYTHING.

The practice itself is also impressive. State-of-the-art technology and equipment are in place and Dr. Horvath and his team use them to provide the best possible care. It's relaxing to know that I'm in good hands here.

I can only recommend Dr. Sebastian Horvath and his team. If you are looking for a competent and modern dental practice, you have definitely come to the right place. Thank you very much for the excellent care, Dr. Horvath!

Martin Strasser

Professional competence, equipment of the practice, friendly staff. All in all, I feel very well looked after here. I have the utmost confidence in this practice. That's why I can only give it 5 stars!

Financial planning for your dental bridge treatment: What you should know

We know that costs play an important role when deciding on a dental bridge. At our practice, we strive for complete transparency in cost planning and offer personalized advice to clearly explain the different options and their prices. Our dental bridges are custom-made to ensure high quality and longevity under daily stress. As a family-run practice without external investors, we attach great importance to offering you personalized solutions tailored to your needs that offer you real added value.

Clarity and transparency

The cost of a dental bridge

Your destination for excellent dentistry - just 20 minutes from Zurich Airport

Appreciation for your journey to us

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