Modern fixed braces: Effective and esthetic

Discover the world of modern fixed braces in our practice near Zurich under the expert guidance of Dr. Nicole Horvath, specialist orthodontist - a synthesis of precision, aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. Our braces, which consist of carefully selected brackets, arches, springs and elastics, are designed to effectively move teeth and jaws into the desired position by applying targeted pressure. In this way, misaligned teeth and jaw anomalies can be precisely corrected.

Each element of our braces is individually customized to your needs to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. We offer different types of braces - from classic fixed braces to removable braces and invisible braces - to provide the ideal solution for every orthodontic problem. Our aim is to permanently improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

Are you ready for a new smile? With Dr. Nicole Horvath's expertise and state-of-the-art treatment methods, we support patients of all ages on their way to a healthy, aesthetic smile. Find out more about our braces and discover why our practice near Zurich makes all the difference to your orthodontic treatment. We stand for expertise, experience and individual treatment.

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Why fixed braces are still indispensable

The importance of fixed braces in modern orthodontics

Explained by the expert

Individual strategies for braces treatments

Orthodontic treatment: the right solution for every age

There is no 'one size fits all' in orthodontics, especially when it comes to the age of treatment. At Dr. Horvath's practice, we know that every patient - whether child, adolescent or adult - has individual needs. Orthodontic treatment is a dynamic process that can take place over several stages of life. We recommend that parents present their children at an early stage, ideally when the first permanent teeth erupt, to enable optimal care and early intervention.

At the same time, it is important to know that tooth movement and correction of tooth position is possible at any age. Thanks to advanced technologies and treatment methods, we can also achieve excellent results in adult patients. Our aim is to offer every patient - regardless of age - a customized orthodontic treatment that not only brings aesthetic but also functional improvements. At Dr. Horvath's practice, we accompany you on your way to a healthy and radiant smile at every stage of your life.

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A guide for parents

When should children see an orthodontist?

Never too late for perfect teeth

Tooth movement for all ages: possibilities of orthodontics

Insights into the course of your orthodontic treatment

The path to a perfect smile is a journey that requires expertise and personal commitment. At Dr. Horvath's practice, we place great importance on guiding you through every step of your orthodontic treatment and helping you achieve the best possible results. Our treatment process is geared towards your individual needs and goals, whether through the effective and precise function of traditional fixed braces or the aesthetic benefits of lingual braces, which are fitted almost invisibly behind the teeth.

Proper care and hygiene of your teeth and braces is crucial to the success of your treatment. We place particular emphasis on informing you about the best cleaning and care methods to ensure optimal oral health throughout the treatment period. Regardless of the type of braces you choose, our team is here to make your journey to a bright smile as comfortable and effective as possible.

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From start to finish

The treatment process with fixed braces

Lingual braces

Discretion and design

Oral hygiene during braces treatment

How to care properly

Real success: before and after cases and patient testimonials

At Dr. Horvath's practice, we believe that real patient stories best reflect the effectiveness of our orthodontic treatments. We invite you to view our before and after photos that show the impressive changes we have achieved together with our patients. Each picture tells a unique story of change and newfound confidence.

We also present testimonial videos and testimonials from our patients. These personal accounts give an insight into their experiences during their treatment at our practice. From the first consultation to the last smile, these stories are a testament to our commitment to providing excellent orthodontic care.

Be inspired by these success stories and learn first-hand how we at Dr. Horvath's practice develop individualized treatment plans that not only improve our patients' appearance, but also their well-being and quality of life.

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Case report

Successful correction of a crossbite

Transformation of a smile

Invisible correction with lingual braces

Your smile in the best hands

At Dr. Nicole Horvath you will find tailor-made braces solutions that combine expertise and personal care.

Esthetic solution for a missing tooth and misaligned teeth

Complex correction

Internal braces and veneers

Perfect combination for a radiant smile

Successful canine correction

Aesthetics and function restored

Esthetic overall solution

Harmonization of the front teeth with braces and veneers


My path to a beautiful smile with ceramic brackets

Real experiences

What our patients say

Helena Burg

Can't recommend it enough!

Background: I have struggled with a problem molar since I was a teenager and have seen several dentists over the years. I had this tooth removed and an implant placed in my home country. Corona came and due to travel restrictions the treatment was delayed, resulting in the implant healing in the wrong position and the tooth behind it cracking, making it impossible to attach a crown to it.

The solution: Dr. Horvath was able to come up with a long-term plan to solve the problem once and for all, and with the help of his lovely wife, we were able to create the necessary space for a crown, remove the implant, and place a brand new, custom-made bridge that was 3D printed literally in three hours. Part of it while I was pregnant.

This is a family practice that really cares about its patients. I have often come to my appointments alone with my baby and have always been warmly welcomed. Everything is planned so that it can be done in as few appointments as possible. As an expat in Switzerland, the reason I originally had treatment done in my home country was the cost of dentistry here. My treatment with Dr. Horvath (including an orthodontic treatment with his wife to align the teeth before the final bridge placement) was mostly covered by my supplementary health insurance in Switzerland, and in the end the whole treatment (including the aesthetic orthodontic treatment!) was cheaper than if I had traveled to my home country to have it done. I was missing a tooth for almost 5 years, and Dr. Horvath gave me brand new teeth in just a few hours 🙂

If you are considering going to Dr. Horvath for a checkup, stop thinking and just do it! I guarantee you won't regret it!!!

Gabriel Areche

I am very happy and grateful that I chose Dr. Horvath's dental practice. You have a very competent and friendly staff. Thanks to you, I can smile again without any problems! 😊🙌🏽 🏽

Amira Favi

Dr. Horvath managed to make my totally crooked teeth perfectly straight and beautiful within 9 months! It was like getting a new face. Beautiful practice, no waiting times, very professional and modern. Price-performance ratio is also right. Highly recommended!

Helman 1234

I have had a very positive experience in this clinic. I have gone through an invisilign treatment with Dr. Nicole Horvath and the result has been spectacular. 5 months later my teeth are completely aligned (which I did not manage after 4 years wearing braces). Dr Horvath and the rest of the staff are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend coming here - even if you do not speak German they speak English extremely well, which makes things very easy.

The clinic is very modern and it is very well connected with Zurich, just 50 minutes by train and 25/30 by car.

Daniel Hug

Excellent work, modern and efficient, reliable, friendly, highly recommended in every respect!

Lara Rohleder

I am overjoyed to have found this great practice! I was not only impressed by all the state-of-the-art technology because it looks beautiful, but also because it is really very supportive during treatments 🙂 And on top of that, Dr. and Mrs. Horvath plus the whole team, who were able to help me with all my problems in a competent, very understanding and super friendly way. It simply doesn't get any better than this 🙂

Thank you very much for everything!

Angie Kordylewsky

Simply a completely perfect and competent consultation and execution of dental treatment. For me, the best dental practice I have ever visited.

Anne Koskiluoma

I had an orthodontic treatment with Invisalign with Dr. Nicole Horvath followed by an aesthetic correction of severely worn front teeth with veneers with Dr. Sebastian Horvath. The result is super natural and fully meets my expectations. It's great how the whole practice works as an organized and friendly team. From the first contact to the end of the treatment, everything went very professionally and without waiting times. A clear recommendation.

Carina Drexl

I have been at the practice with my two children for several years. Both my children need braces. I am extremely satisfied with the competent, friendly and perfect service provided by this practice.

Rocchina Carlucci

I am more than satisfied and would recommend the dental practice of Dr. Horvath at any time. Great atmosphere, very friendly staff and super competent dentists. My expectations were exceeded during my last visit. Thank you very much!

Transparent cost structure: Tailor-made plans for fixed braces in our specialist practice

Since 1985, our family-run specialist practice has stood for the highest quality and care in orthodontic treatment. Our primary goal is to offer you individual and professional solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and wishes. We measure our success not by profit, but by the satisfaction and well-being of our patients.

Under the experienced guidance of Dr. Nicole Horvath, our specialist dentist for orthodontics, we offer treatments with fixed braces at the highest medical level. We are convinced that careful and personalized care is the key to a successful treatment outcome. Our practice is committed to fulfilling your individual wishes with the utmost precision and care.

The quality of our work is reflected in the excellent treatment results and is also confirmed by the recognition we receive from the professional world. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in our practice and are satisfied with the results of your treatment.

We know that a transparent and comprehensible cost structure is an important factor when deciding on orthodontic treatment. That is why we attach great importance to a clear and individual cost breakdown for your treatment with fixed braces. We will be happy to explain all the details and answer your questions in a personal consultation. You can rely on our many years of experience and our commitment to your dental health and a radiant smile.

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Your treatment costs for fixed braces

Clarity and transparency

Specialist dentist for orthodontics

Dr. Nicole Horvath

Dr. Nicole Horvath is an orthodontist who specializes in correcting the teeth of adults and adolescents. She is certified in the use of aligners and internal braces and is an experienced consultant for complex orthodontic treatments.

Your destination for excellent dentistry - just 20 minutes from Zurich Airport

Appreciation for your journey to us

The art of beautiful teeth

Our individual approach for you

Alternatives to fixed braces: Discover your options

In the world of modern orthodontics, there are a variety of treatment methods that go beyond traditional fixed braces. At Dr. Horvath's practice, we understand that every patient has unique needs and desires and therefore offer customized alternatives to meet your individual needs. In addition to fixed braces, we also offer advanced solutions such as Invisalign - a nearly invisible method of straightening teeth - and removable braces that offer flexibility and comfort during treatment.

Our alternative treatment methods aim to provide you with an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to your misaligned teeth without compromising on the benefits of modern orthodontics. Whether you prefer a discreet correction with Invisalign or appreciate the adaptability of removable braces, our aim is to provide you with treatment that not only perfects your teeth, but also takes your lifestyle into account. Learn more about Invisalign and removable braces on the following pages and how these innovative alternatives can help you achieve a radiant smile.

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The invisible alternative to fixed braces

Discover Invisalign

Functional orthodontic appliances

Optimal correction at growth age

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