Beautiful, straight teeth and high-tech dentistry

Since 1985, our family-run practice has combined professional expertise with a passion for a radiant smile. Our specialized team develops tailor-made concepts in dentistry and orthodontics that enhance your well-being and radiance. This page gives you an overview of our services and explains why our personalized care makes all the difference. For further information, please visit our specialist subpages.

Dentistry and orthodontics

We are a dynamic team of specialists.


English-speaking staff, as clear communication is essential in medical matters

Tailored Healthcare Solutions for Expats

Fluent Communication in English and Exceptional Care

Aesthetics and function combined: our orthodontic and esthetic-restorative solutions

In our practice, Dr. Nicole Horvath and Dr. Sebastian Horvath, experienced specialists in orthodontics and aesthetic restorative dentistry, offer individual solutions that combine function and aesthetics. Our expertise in both areas enables us to offer treatments that are perfectly tailored to your needs and bring out the best in your smile. Our team works hand in hand for a smile that emphasizes your personality.

360° solutions for your smile

Orthodontics and esthetic dentistry from a single source

The invisible solution for a radiant smile

Perfect your smile with Invisalign and our expertise 

Discover the art of perfection

Veneers that radiate personality

Your options with tooth corrections

Innovative braces for all ages

Excellence in dentistry and orthodontics

With us you can expect state-of-the-art dentistry with a personal touch for a healthy smile.

From dental crowns to complex dental rehabilitations: our modern dental services

At our practice, we combine state-of-the-art dentistry with the highest levels of comfort and precision to meet your individual needs. Our specialization in advanced technologies enables effective treatments that enhance the patient experience. Rely on our expertise to use the latest advances in dentistry to your advantage.

Technology and tradition

State-of-the-art dental treatments for you

Your path to a healthy smile

Comprehensive dental rehabilitation in our office

Precision and aesthetics 

State-of-the-art dental crown technology 

Our commitment to excellence: specialization, further training and scientific contributions

At our practice in Jestetten, we combine professional excellence in dentistry with a genuine passion for our profession. Through continuous training and specialization, our team is able to perform even complex treatments with the highest precision and safety. Our commitment to research and practice enables us to always offer innovative treatment methods based on the latest scientific findings. We actively pass on our knowledge to dental professionals through lectures and scientific contributions. In this way, we guarantee individual and high-quality patient care that takes into account both the current state of research and your personal needs.

Specialist dentist for orthodontics

Dr. Nicole Horvath

Dr. Nicole Horvath is a specialist in orthodontics and, as a specialist in invisible tooth corrections such as aligners and internal braces, combines expertise and personal care in our practice. Her aim is to give people of all ages a radiant smile without patients having to sacrifice quality of life during treatment.

Dentist and Specialist for Prosthodontics (DGPro)

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dr. Sebastian Horvath, a certified specialist in prosthetics (DGPro), is distinguished by his expertise in high-tech procedures and aesthetic dentistry with a strong focus on pioneering treatment methods. Numerous publications and lectures underline his innovative strength.


Dr. Domonkos Horvath

Dr. Domonkos Horvath, founder of the dental practice Dr. Horvath in Jestetten in 1985, is a visionary dentist known for his innovative treatment techniques and research-oriented approach to dentistry.

Discover what makes our practice unique: pioneering dentistry in a personal atmosphere

In our practice, we combine dental expertise with a warm and dynamic atmosphere. Our expertise ensures precision in treatment, while our lively and positive atmosphere stands for well-being and trust. This mixture of professionalism and good humor makes your visit with us a special experience.

Family-run practice in Jestetten since 1985

Here, people know each other personally.

This is what dentistry feels like with us

Professional, dynamic and cheerful.

Modern design with a love of detail

Yes, it's a dental practice.

Your reliable partner


Continuity of care:
One doctor - one patient case

Trust needs to develop.

Individually customized treatments

The focus is on you and your time

Naturally welcome: Your first impression in our green outdoor area

Oasis of peace and commitment to nature conservation

Patient testimonials: Personal experiences, shared trust

Hear directly from our patients and learn how our commitment to advanced dentistry and personalized care makes a difference. Our patient testimonials and videos will give you a glimpse of real-life results and experiences at our practice that reflect our commitment to excellence and personalized care. See how we work together with our dedicated team to create healthy, bright smiles.

A patient report

Experience the future of dentistry today

A patient report

My journey to professional dental rehabilitation

Real experiences

What our patients say

Irene Mazenauer

Once again I was looked after in a wonderful way in the ultra-modern & professional practice of Dr. Horvath. The extensive specialist knowledge, the modern treatment methods and the efficiency of the staff and Dr. Horvath personally are particularly impressive.

Here, even a visit to the dentist is a pleasure every time and the end result is more than satisfactory!

I can warmly recommend the Horvath dental practice 100%!


I had my veneers done by Dr. Horvath because I was able to express my wishes and concerns and he knew exactly how to implement them. I also felt super relaxed and comfortable during every treatment. Top atmosphere, very professional and the team is always friendly!

Lara Rohleder

I am overjoyed to have found this great practice! I was not only impressed by all the state-of-the-art technology because it looks beautiful, but also because it is really very supportive during treatments 🙂 And on top of that, Dr. and Mrs. Horvath plus the whole team, who were able to help me with all my problems in a competent, very understanding and super friendly way. It simply doesn't get any better than this 🙂

Thank you very much for everything!

Amanda Portmann

I luckily found Dr. Horvath's family dental practice on the Internet and the website really appealed to me.

I am a very critical and sensitive person and I had a dental phobia. I actually only wanted to have a dental filling, but when I made my first appointment with Dr. Sebastian Horvath, I felt very comfortable and competently advised. I therefore had a lot of confidence and decided to have a complete dental restoration: Two bridges, 8 implants and all teeth re-crowned.

It has been very worthwhile for me because it is a great new quality of life for my overall health.

I am very happy and glad that I entrusted myself to Dr. Sebastian Horvath. He has exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to Dr. Sebastian Horvath and his highly qualified team.

Anyone who finds Dr. Sebastian Horvath can count themselves lucky!

I am very happy.

With gratitude, A. Portmann

Ursula Keller

As a patient of Dr. Horvath, I can only share the best experiences. From the first appointment to the end, everything went as discussed. Also the good care, the honest trust makes every procedure successful.
I thank Dr. Horvath and the whole team very much that I can count myself among your patients.

Helman 1234

I have had a very positive experience in this clinic. I have gone through an invisilign treatment with Dr. Nicole Horvath and the result has been spectacular. 5 months later my teeth are completely aligned (which I did not manage after 4 years wearing braces). Dr Horvath and the rest of the staff are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend coming here - even if you do not speak German they speak English extremely well, which makes things very easy.

The clinic is very modern and it is very well connected with Zurich, just 50 minutes by train and 25/30 by car.

Helena Burg

Can't recommend it enough!

Background: I have struggled with a problem molar since I was a teenager and have seen several dentists over the years. I had this tooth removed and an implant placed in my home country. Corona came and due to travel restrictions the treatment was delayed, resulting in the implant healing in the wrong position and the tooth behind it cracking, making it impossible to attach a crown to it.

The solution: Dr. Horvath was able to come up with a long-term plan to solve the problem once and for all, and with the help of his lovely wife, we were able to create the necessary space for a crown, remove the implant, and place a brand new, custom-made bridge that was 3D printed literally in three hours. Part of it while I was pregnant.

This is a family practice that really cares about its patients. I have often come to my appointments alone with my baby and have always been warmly welcomed. Everything is planned so that it can be done in as few appointments as possible. As an expat in Switzerland, the reason I originally had treatment done in my home country was the cost of dentistry here. My treatment with Dr. Horvath (including an orthodontic treatment with his wife to align the teeth before the final bridge placement) was mostly covered by my supplementary health insurance in Switzerland, and in the end the whole treatment (including the aesthetic orthodontic treatment!) was cheaper than if I had traveled to my home country to have it done. I was missing a tooth for almost 5 years, and Dr. Horvath gave me brand new teeth in just a few hours 🙂

If you are considering going to Dr. Horvath for a checkup, stop thinking and just do it! I guarantee you won't regret it!!!

Daniel Hug

Excellent work, modern and efficient, reliable, friendly, highly recommended in every respect!

Easy to reach - Our practice in the heart of Europe

Our practice in Jestetten, on the edge of the Black Forest and close to Zurich, combines the tranquillity of nature with excellent accessibility. Our proximity to Zurich Airport and easy accessibility by car and train make us the ideal location for patients from the region and international visitors. Our location allows us to offer high quality dentistry in a relaxed and familiar environment, with the added benefit of being easily accessible from the metropolis of Zurich.

Between Black Forest idyll and Zurich dynamics

Dentistry in the heart of Europe

Surrounded by nature, open to the world

20 min from Zurich airport

Our dental and orthodontic practice is located at Bahnhofstrasse 24 in Jestetten, 5 km from the Swiss border.

Lines S9, S22, THURBO

Arrival by SBB train: connections every 30 minutes

We are also very easy to reach by train. Our practice is located directly opposite Jestetten station on the SBB line between Schaffhausen and Zurich.

Timetable SBB

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Uncomplicated, without travel and free of charge

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