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Here, people know each other personally.

Since 1985, we have been a specialized family business for high-quality dentistry and orthodontics in Jestetten.

English speaking staff

For medical issues a clear communication between the patient and the doctor is essential. Our staff is specially trained in English to ensure a professional and comfortable treatment for non-German speaking patients.

Reviews of our english speaking patients

No one knows us better than our long-time patients. We are very happy about the feedback with over 160 reviews on Google, which we are happy to share here. 

Amy Galvin

Excellent service. The staff were very friendly and helpful. All staff spoke English which was really good for me. The surgery is very clean and modern. I would highly recommend Dr. Horvath and I am looking forward to my next visit

Victor Papavasileiou

Great level of English which is important for non-German speaking patients. Great service, very friendly, very nice and modern practice. The quality of the treatment was great, no complaints or any irritation after leaving the practice. Finally the cost quoted before the work was done was accurately reflected on the final bill.

Elizabeth McCance

I would highly recommend Dr. Horvath and his dental practice in Jestetten. It is an easy drive from Zurich and the quality of the treatment I have received has been exceptional. I have had a significant amount of work done at the practice including root canal treatment, crowns and implants and have been delighted with the results and care I have received. The practice is modern and welcoming with all the technology one would expect. Dr. Horvath and his staff have always been very pleasant and professional; the fact that most of the team speak fluent English has also been a real plus for me. I will continue to use this practice for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Julie McGowan

It's a pleasure to go to this dental practice! Sebastian Horvath provides the highest quality, professional treatment, punctually and always with a smile. The atmosphere within the surgery continues to be bright and cheerful with a very competent workforce. Having received dental treatment in three other countries, prior to becoming a patient here, I can honestly say that Horvath Dental Practice is second to none!

Jacqueline Bush

Dr Horvath and his team were first class. The reception team speak exceptional english as do the dental team. The environment is friendly, happy and bright. Dr Sebastian, was very professional. He was honest and upfront with costs and procedures. I have to say that the technology utilized in the practice is second to none, making efficient use of time and providing accurate results. I was unhappy with a crown on my front tooth (approx 10 years old), Dr Sebastian was direct and honest with what I would need to do and the approaches that I could take to achieve my goal. When my timing changed due to a posting, the practice accommodated my needs immediately. I would definitely recommend the practice.

Matthew Barrett

I had the pleasure of being treated by both Drs Nicole and Sebastian Horvath over around 18 months. I found them both, as well as the reception and support team, extremely friendly, competent, and professional. In that time I had both braces and a minor surgical procedure. I was very happy with the quality of care during the treatment, as well as the final outcome, and the costs were very reasonable. I would highly recommend them to any interested patient.

Services tailored to Expats

We know about the special needs of Expats. It is our goal that you are always fully informed and that we value your valuable time. That is why several companies in the Zurich area recommend us to their employees. 

It is allowed to laugh

Professionally, we are well-organized professionals. Interpersonally, we have a dynamic, good-humored approach in our practice. Embedded in great design.

Our friendly team 
is there for you

Our dentists have specialized in the planning and predictable execution of complex treatments through several years of continuing education.

Dr. Nicole Horvath

Dr. Nicole Horvath is a specialist in orthodontics and certified for treatments with aligners and lingual braces. She specializes in complex teeth straightening for adults.

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dr. Sebastian Horvath specializes in esthetic-restorative treatments using modern methods. He is a specialist in prosthodontics (DGPro) and holds teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

Dr. Domonkos Horvath

Dr. Domonkos Horvath built a practice where education and innovation are the driving forces. In parallel with his dental work, he successfully develops innovations and treatment techniques that are used millions of times worldwide.

Trust needs to develop.

Your practitioner is responsible for your case from the beginning of treatment, through many years of follow-up visits.

Professionally networked:

High-Tech Dentistry​

You need dental treatment and are looking for a suitable solution? We professionally support you in finding a solution for your specific needs.

Our core competence

Modern technologies enable unprecedented precision and help us make procedures more comfortable for our patients. For you, we continuously invest in the most modern treatment methods.

The right partner

If you want to fundamentally rehabilitate your teeth, you are faced with a big decision. In our opinion, choosing the right partner is the decisive point. We have been supporting patients like you in this important step for years. Humanly at eye level, professionally. 

We live and love modern dentistry

The possibilities offered by modern technologies inspire us and our patients. 

Dental rehabilitation

The patient came to us with the desire for more stability on the teeth as well as an esthetic improvement. The structurally compromised teeth were restored with dental crowns and missing teeth were replaced with implants. The beautiful teeth gave the patient back lost quality of life.

image_before image_after
image_before image_after

Inlays & Onlays in one session

The patient complained of pain in the poorly restored teeth. In addition, the metallic color prevented her from smiling. We were able to replace the restorations with ceramic inlays and onlays in just one session.

image_before image_after
image_before image_after
Top priority: preserving your own teeth

Teeth can be replaced predictably today. However, our top priority is to preserve your natural teeth. We use all our knowledge and skills to achieve this.

Replacement of missing teeth

If you are missing a tooth or need it removed, we can help. Dental implants and fixed dental bridges restore the full functionality of your teeth. The restored tooth looks, feels and functions like any other tooth. This allows you to speak, eat and smile without restrictions.

Known from:

Straight & beautiful teeth

A beautiful smile can change your life. In our practice, we combine the skills of orthodontics and restorative dentistry. That is why we specialize in complex aesthetic treatments.

Unique concept

Together with our partners, we have developed a unique treatment concept and were awarded the Young Esthetics Award of the German Society for Esthetic Dentistry.

Our treatment results have been published many times in the professional literature.

Our esthetic treatment concept

360° esthetic dentistry

By combining orthodontics and esthetic dentistry, we can analyze, plan and treat esthetic cases from 360°. This is the prerequisite for excellent results.

Invisible tooth movement

You want to correct your teeth position and are looking for a suitable solution? Especially for busy patients, we have techniques for invisible tooth correction in our practice. With these, the correction of the tooth position can be performed comfortably and with few appointments.


The patient's wish was to have straight and bright teeth so that she could smile with freedom. We were able to straighten the crooked teeth with aligners within three months. The color of the teeth was lightened by bleaching. 

image_before image_after
image_before image_after

Gap closure 

The patient had been bothered by the unsightly gaps between her teeth for years. We were able to close the gaps with aligners within three months and help the patient achieve a new, confident smile. 

image_before image_after
image_before image_after
Beautiful veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin, all-ceramic veneers. They have proven themselves over the long term for a wide range of esthetic indications. We have a lot of experience with veneers. Our treatment cases have been published many times in the professional literature.

Four Veneers

The patient would like an esthetic improvement. The anterior teeth were restored with unesthetic fillings as a result of an accident. One of the teeth was darkened due to root canal treatment. With veneers, we were able to stabilize the teeth and achieve a significant esthetic improvement.

image_before image_after
image_before image_after
Simulation of the result

It's all about your dream smile. We have developed a concept with which we can simulate various solutions before starting treatment. In this way, you can find the right solution for you, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages.

From a single source

In many cases, combined treatment with orthodontics and restorative dentistry is necessary to achieve an optimal result. Here, communication between the doctors involved is crucial for the success of the treatment. Since we combine these interdisciplinary skills in our practice in Jestetten, we have specialized in such complex treatments.

Appreciation of your time

Your time is precious. Through good organization and investment in modern technology, we can reduce the number of necessary appointments to a minimum.

Few appointments

We invest in modern technologies that allow us to complete a variety of restorative treatments in one session. This saves you several trips to the clinic. In addition, treatment times and necessary anesthesia are reduced. 

Good organization that you can rely on.

We organize the treatment process according to your needs. This saves you several trips. 

Exciting contrasts

We are embedded in the nature of the Black Forest. At the same time, we have excellent international connections due to our close proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Zurich. Here we offer modern, high-quality dentistry in a family-run practice.

In the heart of Europe

Our practice is located in Jestetten at the southern end of the Black Forest in Germany. The place is unique in terms of geographical location, as it is almost completely surrounded by Switzerland. Due to the close proximity to the city and the airport of Zurich, we are very easy to reach from everywhere.

20 min from Zurich airport

You will find our practice at Bahnhofstrasse 24 in Jestetten, 5 km from the Swiss border. From Zurich airport our practice can be reached by car in about 20 minutes.

Contact us

The first step is the hardest. We make it as easy as possible for you. In our contact menu you will find a variety of contact options. Simply select the one that suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Virtual initial consultation.

If you need specific information about your case, we offer you a virtual initial consultation. Simple, without travel and free of charge.


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Dr. Horvath – Dentist Jestetten Last update: September 17th 2021

Information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in our practice.

Dear patients,

we are approaching this health crisis with due care and respect, but also calm and professionalism. We are closely monitoring and assessing the situation regarding COVID-19, especially in the border region and in the greater Zurich area. For this purpose, we are in personal contact with the responsible authorities.

Current situation regarding the coronavirus in the district of Waldshut

The health of our patients as well as the employees of our practice is our highest priority. In general, as a medical company, we deal professionally with the protection against infections on a daily basis. We are appropriately trained and technically prepared for this.

Crossing the border for treatment with us is possible on a regular basis. We update this information continuously and always up to date.

Current information on the border crossing Switzerland - Germany

We update this information continuously and always up to date.

Crossing the border into Germany for dental treatment with us or to go shopping is possible regularly and without restrictions.

Crossing the border from Switzerland to Germany

Crossing the border into Germany for dental treatment with us or for shopping is possible regularly and without restrictions.

Since August 1, 2021 Germany controls the entry of persons after longer stays abroad. A prerequisite for crossing the border is proof of vaccination or convalescence. Alternatively, proof of a current Corona PCR (max. 72h) or rapid test (max. 48h).

For short border crossings up to 24h there is an exception. Here the crossing is possible regularly without proof and registration. Coronavirus entry regulation §6 sentence 1 number 6.

You do not need a negative coronavirus test when you come to our practice.

You do not need to fill out a digital entry application when you come to our practice.

You can go shopping in Germany as normal.

Transfer from Germany to Switzerland

Since September 20, 2021, there are stricter regulations for entering Switzerland. However, these do not apply to the immediate border regions.

“Persons entering Switzerland from areas on the border with which there is close economic, social and cultural exchange” are exempt from the regulations. Covid-19 Regulation Measures in the field of international movement of persons Article 9, sentence 2, point c.

You do not need a Covid certificate to return to Switzerland if you have been with us.

You do not need to fill out an entry form if you were with us.

The same rules apply to purchases.

General information about the border and border traffic

The border crossings are all open on a regular basis.

There are no reinforced border controls.

Train traffic to Jestetten is regular.

What we do to protect you and us

We test our entire team for Corona infection twice a week with rapid tests.

Upon entering the practice, we currently measure the body temperature of all persons entering the practice with a contactless clinical thermometer. This applies to both patients and employees of the practice.

Our team wears FFP2 mouth protection at all times.

Patients are required to wear masks outside the treatment rooms.


If you have an acute problem, please call us in advance. We will then already on the phone try to identify the cause as accurately as possible and then give you directly an appointment for the necessary treatment.

We have created on our website the possibility to send us safely pictures and questions. You can find these possibilities in the contact menu.

If you need more than one treatment, we will try to combine them in the longest possible appointment.

Self control at home

If you complain of symptoms of coronavirus infection (fever, cough, breathing problems, muscle pain, nausea), please contact us in advance by phone. We will then assess the situation together.

If possible, we recommend that you take a temperature at home before your scheduled appointment. A temperature of up to 37.4°C is normal.

If you have been infected, dental treatment is possible again from 4 weeks after the infection has been detected.

Your arrival with us

Upon entering the practice, we currently measure the body temperature of all persons entering the practice with a contactless clinical thermometer. This applies to both patients and employees of the practice. Normal body temperature is up to 37.4°C.

Please disinfect your hands when entering the practice. Appropriate dispensers with disinfectant are available.

We ask you to arrive at the practice as punctually as possible for your scheduled appointment in order to avoid long waiting times.

If you like, you can also wait in the car. We will then pick you up there at the start of treatment.


Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse. Schreiben Sie uns eine Nachricht und wir melden uns verbindlich und zeitnah bei Ihnen zurück.
Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns kontaktiert haben!
Wir werden uns in Kürze mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

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