Dental rehabilitation before & after

It's about more than teeth and a beautiful smile. It's about you. About a new attitude to life with security and self-confidence. Our results are widely published in the professional literature. All cases presented on our website have been treated entirely in our practice. 

Rehabilitation with crowns and implants

The patient came to us with the desire for more stability on the teeth as well as an esthetic improvement. The structurally compromised teeth were restored with dental crowns and missing teeth were replaced with implants. The beautiful teeth gave the patient back lost quality of life.

Orthodontics, dental crowns and implants

Tooth loss of the back teeth resulted in displacement of the front teeth. In the complex case, the missing teeth were replaced with implants. The position of the teeth was corrected with braces and the teeth were firmly and aesthetically restored with dental crowns. 

What makes beautiful teeth?

Invisalign and dental crowns

The patient lost a large part of the protective enamel due to acid. His wish was to stabilize and aesthetically beautify the teeth. In the first step, the teeth that had been displaced by wear were brought into the correct position with Invisalign. This was followed by functional and aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth with dental crowns. 

Information on Invisalign

Implants and crowns

The patient lost some teeth many years ago. The missing teeth were replaced with a removable denture. He wanted an esthetic improvement and more quality of life with fixed teeth.

More information on dental implants

We are experts in dental

We continuously invest in the most modern treatment methods.

In addition to clinical activities, we are involved in research projects. This work has resulted in numerous scientific publications, patents as well as cooperations with international universities, research institutes and companies.

Orthodontics and dental crowns

The patient's wish was an esthetic and functional improvement. The too narrow dental arch was widened with braces. As a result, the teeth fit together better and more teeth are visible when laughing. The structurally impaired teeth were restored with dental crowns. 

Braces for adults

Fixed teeth

The patient suffered from the consequences of the teeth replaced with removable dentures in the upper and lower jaw. She could not taste properly and was bothered by the massive dentures. We were able to help the patient with fixed teeth on implants and dental crowns. 

Dental implants and crowns

The patient had known for some time that she was due for rehabilitation. When she presented, several very old dental bridges were loose. We were able to replace the missing teeth with dental implants. The affected teeth were restored with dental crowns for stability and esthetics.

Dental rehabilitation

The patient came to our practice with a desire for esthetic and functional rehabilitation. Some teeth had been lost in the posterior region. As a result, the anterior teeth were overly stressed and there was a lot of wear. In the treatment the missing teeth were replaced with dental bridges and implants. The front teeth were provided with dental crowns stable and visually beautiful. 

New dental crowns

The patient had been treated with dental crowns approx. 20 years ago. She was bothered by the dark edges and had occasional toothaches. We were able to replace the dental crowns with new dental crowns. The integration of the teeth into the face was improved by correcting the teeth with invisible braces. 

More information on dental crowns

Gum surgery and dental bridge

The patient wished to improve the esthetic situation. Since one of the anterior teeth had been removed many years ago, the gum line had to be adjusted to achieve an esthetic improvement. The missing tooth was replaced with a fixed dental bridge.

Dental rehabilitations

You want to rehabilitate your teeth and are looking for a suitable solution? We are here for you and would like to help you find solutions for your specific needs. Professionally, personally at eye level. 

More information about dental rehabilitations

What is dental rehabilitation? When is it useful and what is the procedure? Is it possible to save bad teeth? You can find answers to these and many other questions on our page about dental restorations. 

More information on dental rehabilitations

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