We are the dental practice
Dr. Horvath

Our practice is a special place. Here are facts worth knowing about our practice and why we make a difference for our patients. Our specialized team, values that we stand for, our facilities, innovations from our practice which are applied worldwide, as well as our exciting location at the southern end of the Black Forest in close proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Zurich.

#1 Team

A dynamic team with a lot of good humor and fun at work. Get to know us better here and do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you.

Dr. Nicole Horvath

Dr. Nicole Horvath is a specialist in orthodontics and certified for treatments with aligners and lingual braces. She specializes in complex teeth straightening for adults.

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dr. Sebastian Horvath specializes in esthetic-restorative treatments using modern methods. He is a specialist in prosthodontics (DGPro) and holds teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

Dr. Domonkos Horvath

Dr. Domonkos Horvath built a practice where education and innovation are the driving forces. In parallel with his dental work, he successfully develops innovations and treatment techniques that are used millions of times worldwide.

Barbara Horvath

Since the founding of the practice in Jestetten in 1985, Barbara Horvath has taken care of the management of the practice, as well as the well-being of our patients.

Reviews of our patients

No one knows us better than our long-time patients. We are very happy about the feedback, which we gladly share here.

Patric Maurer

Die Zahnarztpraxis Dr.Horvath hat eine aussergewöhnliche positive Qualität, welche ich sehr schätze. Ich bin immer herzlich willkommen und ich werde nicht als 'Patient' behandelt sonder viel mehr als Mensch. Es finden immer wieder tolle Gespräche statt. Herzlichen dank für die professionelle und menschliche Art in den letzten Jahren und freue mich auf weitere Jahre. Ich empfehle die Zahnarztpraxis zu 100% weiter.

Luca Marinaci

Einfach top! Technologisch auf dem neuesten Stand und v.a. tolles, sehr professionelles und freundliches Team.

Thomas Blöchlinger

.... kann ich nur wärmstens Empfehlen, Beratung, Ablauf der Behandlung und das Ergebnis vom Feinsten.... nicht nur Kunst an den Wänden..., Dr. Horvath und sein Team sind alles Künstler in ihrem Metier! Herzlichen Dank

Jeanice Habermacher

Sehr netter Empfang von Frau Jana Braun, schöne und moderne Praxis. Momentan bin ich bei Dr. Domonkos Horvath in Behandlung. Die Therapie selbst wurde detailliert mit mir geplant und besprochen, vor allem wird Wert auf Kostentransparenz gelegt. Der Ablauf rundum wurde äusserst genau und schmerzfrei durchgeführt. Dr. Horvath ist einfühlsam und rücksichtsvoll, man merkt dass er sein Handwerk absolut versteht und fühlt sich sehr wohl. Zusammengefasst, der beste Zahnarzt bei dem ich je war. Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team für die gute medizinische Betreuung. Sehr Empfehlenswert!

Annika Deubsmann

Die Praxis ist super schön und die Atmosphäre total entspannt. Vom Empfang (auch schon am Telefon) über die Ärzte bis zu den Helfern sind alle unglaublich freundlich! Die Termine scheinen perfekt organisiert und aufeinander abgestimmt - ich habe nie große Wartezeiten 👍🏻


Our practice is built on a solid foundation of values that our team stands for together. 

Family business

We are proud of our history as a family-run dental practice in Jestetten. We try to live up to the special responsibility for our patients and employees every day.


People are diverse, not uniform. Medically, as well as humanely, we treat all people the same. Regardless of origin, faith, gender, sexual orientation or the type of insurance you have.

Environmental protection

A dental practice produces a lot of waste. Unfortunately, this cannot be completely avoided. A large number of products that come into contact with patients are only used once and then disposed of for reasons of hygiene. In areas where it is possible for us, we try to reduce waste production and thus relieve the environment. 

It is allowed to laugh

Professionally, we are well-organized professionals. Interpersonally, we have a dynamic, good-humored approach in our practice. Embedded in great design.

Our practice

Our practice is a dynamic place that has been in constant evolution since its inception in 1985.

Where does the rocket come from? 🚀

In creating a presentation, we wanted to represent modern treatments that do not irritate users, but rather propel them forward like a rocket.

At the same time, the rocket is a symbol for high-tech and the future. We can identify well with that. That's why we wear the rocket proudly on our chest.

Yes, it's a dental office.

We love great design. Outside the treatment rooms, our premises resemble a modern gallery rather than a medical practice. You, and also we, should feel really comfortable here. 


Your time is valuable. That is why we take it very seriously. Our team does its best whenever possible to start appointments exactly on time. As a rule, we also succeed very well. 

Consultation at eye level

Every successful project starts with a good plan. We take the time to find out what you want, and based on this and our medical experience, we develop the treatment plan that is right for you.

The people

Our modern premises are only the stage for what is really important. The practice is filled with life by a dynamic team and the great people we are allowed to help solve a problem. 


The products developed in our practice are used millions of times a year worldwide.

Innovating from experience.

Under this motto, our practice in Jestetten has been developing innovations and new treatment techniques for medicine and dentistry for decades.
Cooperation in this field has resulted in contacts with many international universities, research institutes and companies.


OptraGate is a user-friendly, circular lip and cheek retractor for extending the treatment area. It allows full access to the working field, without obstruction by instruments or hands. 


OptraDam is an anatomically shaped rubber dam. Due to the built-in three-dimensional frame, OptraDam can be easily applied by one person and allows a full view of the working field. 

Exciting contrasts

We are embedded in the nature of the Black Forest. At the same time, we have excellent international connections due to our close proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Zurich. Here we offer modern, high-quality dentistry in a family-run practice.

In the heart of Europe

Our practice is located in Jestetten at the southern end of the Black Forest in Germany. The place is unique in terms of geographical location, as it is almost completely surrounded by Switzerland. Due to the close proximity to the city and the airport of Zurich, we are very easy to reach from everywhere.

20 min from Zurich airport

You will find our practice at Bahnhofstrasse 24 in Jestetten, 5 km from the Swiss border. From Zurich airport our practice can be reached by car in about 20 minutes.

Dr. Horvath – Dentist Jestetten Last update: January 5th 2022

Information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in our practice.

Dear patients,

we are approaching this health crisis with due care and respect, but also calm and professionalism. We are closely monitoring and assessing the situation regarding COVID-19, especially in the border region and in the greater Zurich area. For this purpose, we are in personal contact with the responsible authorities.

Current situation regarding the coronavirus in the district of Waldshut

The health of our patients as well as the employees of our practice is our highest priority. In general, as a medical company, we deal professionally with the protection against infections on a daily basis. We are appropriately trained and technically prepared for this.

Crossing the border for treatment with us is possible on a regular basis. We update this information continuously and always up to date.

Current information on the border crossing Switzerland - Germany

We update this information continuously and always up to date.

Crossing the border into Germany for dental treatment with us or to go shopping is possible regularly and without restrictions.

Crossing the border from Switzerland to Germany

Classification Switzerland high risk area

Crossing the border into Germany for dental treatment with us or to go shopping is possible.

As of December 6, the Robert Koch Institute classifies Switzerland as a Corona high-risk area due to the epidemiological situation. This has consequences for the border crossing.

Entry notification form / 24h rule

For border crossings up to 24h no electronic registration of entry is required. FAQ entry regulation point registration, exception 5. For entries longer than 24h the form must be filled out, and a 3G proof must be uploaded.

What are the regulations for vaccinated and recovered persons?

With a proof of a complete vaccination with a vaccine approved in the EU or the proof of an overcame infection in the last 6 months, the border crossing is possible without restrictions.

What regulations apply to unvaccinated persons?

When crossing the border, proof of a current test must be carried. PCR test max. 72h, antigen rapid test max. 24h.

What regulations apply to children?

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from all verification requirements.

Transfer from Germany to Switzerland

Since September 20, 2021, there are stricter regulations for entering Switzerland. However, these do not apply to the immediate border regions.

“Persons entering Switzerland from areas on the border with which there is close economic, social and cultural exchange” are exempt from the regulations. Covid-19 Regulation Measures in the field of international movement of persons.

You do not need a Covid certificate to return to Switzerland if you have been with us.

You do not need to fill out an entry form if you were with us.

The same rules apply to purchases.

General information about the border and border traffic

The border crossings are all open on a regular basis.

There are no reinforced border controls.

Train traffic to Jestetten is regular.

What we do to protect you and us

All members of our team are vaccinated against COIVD-19.

We test our entire team for Corona infection twice a week with rapid tests.

Upon entering the practice, we currently measure the body temperature of all persons entering the practice with a contactless clinical thermometer. This applies to both patients and employees of the practice.

Our team wears FFP2 mouth protection at all times.

Patients are required to wear masks outside the treatment rooms.


If you have an acute problem, please call us in advance. We will then already on the phone try to identify the cause as accurately as possible and then give you directly an appointment for the necessary treatment.

We have created on our website the possibility to send us safely pictures and questions. You can find these possibilities in the contact menu.

If you need more than one treatment, we will try to combine them in the longest possible appointment.

Does 2G or 3G apply in practice? Do I need a test certificate for treatment?

As a medical company, we are committed to the health of our patients. Regardless of their corona status. You do not need a vaccination, convalescent or test certificate to come to our practice. The same is true for border crossing. 

Self control at home

If you complain of symptoms of coronavirus infection (fever, cough, breathing problems, muscle pain, nausea), please contact us in advance by phone. We will then assess the situation together.

If possible, we recommend that you take a temperature at home before your scheduled appointment. A temperature of up to 37.4°C is normal.

If you have been infected, dental treatment is possible again from 4 weeks after the infection has been detected.

Your arrival with us

Upon entering the practice, we currently measure the body temperature of all persons entering the practice with a contactless clinical thermometer. This applies to both patients and employees of the practice. Normal body temperature is up to 37.4°C.

Please disinfect your hands when entering the practice. Appropriate dispensers with disinfectant are available.

We ask you to arrive at the practice as punctually as possible for your scheduled appointment in order to avoid long waiting times.

If you like, you can also wait in the car. We will then pick you up there at the start of treatment.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest. Write us a message and we will get back to you bindingly and promptly.
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