Dental rehabilitation

You want to rehabilitate your teeth and are looking for a suitable solution? We are here for you and would like to help you find solutions for your specific needs. Here you will find information about dental rehabilitation. In addition, facts worth knowing about our practice and why we make the difference for our patients. 

More than a beautiful smile. Security and self-confidence.

Fixed teeth are an important factor for physical and mental well-being. Even if several teeth need to be replaced, this is almost always possible today with fixed teeth thanks to modern treatment techniques.

Dental rehabilitation before and after

It's about more than teeth and a beautiful smile. It's about you. About a new attitude to life with security and self-confidence. Our results are widely published in the professional literature. All cases presented on our website have been treated entirely in our practice. 

Rehabilitation with crowns and implants

The patient came to us with the desire for more stability on the teeth as well as an esthetic improvement. The structurally compromised teeth were restored with dental crowns and missing teeth were replaced with implants. The beautiful teeth gave the patient back lost quality of life.

Implants and crowns

The patient lost some teeth many years ago. The missing teeth were replaced with a removable denture. He wanted an esthetic improvement and more quality of life with fixed teeth.

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Fixed teeth

The patient suffered from the consequences of the teeth replaced with removable dentures in the upper and lower jaw. She could not taste properly and was bothered by the massive dentures. We were able to help the patient with fixed teeth on implants and dental crowns. 

Dental implants and crowns

The patient had known for some time that she was due for rehabilitation. When she presented, several very old dental bridges were loose. We were able to replace the missing teeth with dental implants. The affected teeth were restored with dental crowns for stability and esthetics.

We are experts in dental

We continuously invest in the most modern treatment methods.

In addition to clinical activities, we are involved in research projects. This work has resulted in numerous scientific publications, patents as well as cooperations with international universities, research institutes and companies.

New dental crowns

The patient had been treated with dental crowns approx. 20 years ago. She was bothered by the dark edges and had occasional toothaches. We were able to replace the dental crowns with new dental crowns. The integration of the teeth into the face was improved by correcting the teeth with invisible braces. 

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Gum surgery and dental bridge

The patient wished to improve the esthetic situation. Since one of the anterior teeth had been removed many years ago, the gum line had to be adjusted to achieve an esthetic improvement. The missing tooth was replaced with a fixed dental bridge.

What is dental rehabilitation?

Dental rehabilitation is the basic repair of teeth and the masticatory system. This includes functional reconstruction in case of lost bite height due to tooth loss and/or wear. As well as the aesthetic and functional integration of the teeth into the face. 

The right partner

If you want to fundamentally rehabilitate your teeth, you are faced with a big decision. In our opinion, choosing the right partner is the decisive point. We have been supporting patients like you in this important step for years. Humanly empathetic and on an equal footing, technically professional. 

Dental rehabilitation procedure

At the beginning of treatment, our goal is to eliminate acute problem in one appointment. Carious lesions are treated. Hopeless teeth replaced. Where necessary, root canal treatments and gum treatments are performed to preserve the existing teeth. At the same appointment you will receive a stable and aesthetic long-term temporary restoration that you will keep until the end of the treatment. After a healing period of about 3 months, implants are placed if necessary. After another 3 months of healing, the final prosthesis is fabricated. 

A good plan

Every successful project starts with a good plan. We take the time to find out what you want. We record the current situation with 3D scans, videos and photos. The data obtained, together with our medical experience, are the basis of the treatment plan.

Characteristics of beautiful teeth

How long does a complete dental restoration take?

The total duration of the treatment strongly depends on which treatments are necessary. For simple cases, it is possible to complete a full rehabilitation within about two months. A moderately severe case takes about 6-9 months. Complex cases 1-1.5 years. Due to the total duration, the temporary restoration is a decisive factor in the treatment. Our patients always have teeth during the whole treatment period and already after the first appointment they have a better situation than at the beginning. 

Simulation of the result

It's all about your dream smile. We have developed a concept with which we can simulate various solutions before starting treatment. In this way, you can find the right solution for you, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed teeth

Fixed teeth are a symbol of quality of life. We specialize in providing our patients with this quality of life even if several teeth are missing or have to be removed. 

Can bad teeth be saved?

If there is a possibility of saving a tooth through treatment, it is our fundamental goal to achieve this. It is always impressive for us how well teeth can be saved with correct treatment. And if it is not possible, there are modern techniques to replace teeth safely. 

Top priority: preserving your own teeth

There are treatment concepts where a lot of teeth are removed, we clearly oppose this trend. If it is realistically possible to preserve a tooth through therapy, this is our goal. In complex treatments, we test prognostically questionable teeth for several months with high-quality term temporaries in order to be able to react to possible complications. 

Reviews of our patients

No one knows us better than our long-time patients. We are very happy about the feedback with over 160 reviews on Google, which we are happy to share here. 

Yvonne Amann

I had a complete dental rehabilitation at Dr. Horvath's practice in Jestetten. I am completely satisfied. That is, from the cost estimate to the discussions / explanations about the treatment, as well as the treatment itself, the practice team and ambience. Very competent and trustworthy. I felt very well taken care of. Many thanks again dear teamv

Dagmar Dänzer

Highly recommended. Friendly and warm welcome. I had an implant done and several crowns. Everything was done very quickly and professionally. What I really appreciated was that I did not have to go to different places it was all done in the same place. For a crown, you can wait directly, it's super fast.

Miro Smerek

After years of experience, I can only report positively about the practice of Dr. Horvath: Preservation of tooth substance is the top priority, pain relief works excellently, and instruments are wielded with a sure hand. Fascinating also the most modern technology for diagnosis and preparation of dental prosthesis. A friendly approach to patients is a matter of course here. And above all: You can rely 100% on the diagnosis made. Therefore: 5 stars!!!

Fabian Keller

I have been coming to Jestetten from Zurich for 3 years because the service is simply better. The practice has the most modern equipment, the treatments are pleasant and the prices are fair.

Rudolf Schranz

It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Dr. Horvath's practice with a clear conscience. I have experienced for several years now that I am very satisfied after every treatment and never had a complication. Especially my last treatment, to get a bridge on the left and right side, gave me back my smile, which I had been missing for a long time because of the 2 gaps. My dentist Dr. S. Horvath is an excellent dentist, competent, trustworthy, works with great calm, explains what is happening, from the reception to the farewell you are in the best hands. A big thank you for all the staff.

Preservation of the result

After the successful treatment we support you to keep the result stable. 

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Virtual initial consultation.

If you need specific information about your case, we offer you a virtual initial consultation. Simple, without travel and free of charge.


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