Beautiful teeth

Beautiful teeth are the interaction of many details. They are integrated into the smile in the right proportion, at the right position. In addition to the teeth themselves, the gums as a frame are crucial for the aesthetic appearance. The final touch comes from small, individual details that make the smile exciting. This is the artistic aspect of our work. All cases shown on our website have been treated entirely in our practice. 

Science and individuality

You are unique. Your teeth should be too. When we plan a new smile, there are a number of scientifically proven features that give us the framework for reconstruction. However, we are convinced that a smile is only really fantastic and exciting when it fits the person individually. That is why we only work with individual treatment methods.

Position of the incisal edges

The starting point of any esthetic treatment is the position of the incisal edges of the maxillary incisors. For a beautiful smile, the maxillary anterior teeth should have a slightly downward hanging arc. Analogous to the lower lip when smiling. Due to wear and/or shifting of the teeth, the teeth are often too short and the dental arch runs straight or the other way around which leads to an unaesthetic appearance. You can easily check this on yourself. When the mouth is slightly open, the canine tip should be in line with the upper lip. 

Invisalign and veneers

In this complex esthetic case, the patient's entire smile was redesigned. The starting point for planning here is the correct position of the incisal edges of the maxillary anterior teeth. The tooth position was corrected with Invisalign and the teeth were embellished with veneers.

More information about Invisalign

Tooth proportions

The proportions of the teeth are crucial for the success of the treatment. Normally, the central maxillary incisors have a length-to-width ratio of 80%. Depending on the case, one can deviate from this proportion by up to 5%. Larger deviations are immediately recognized by the environment as strange and inappropriate. Depending on the case, we use and combine different treatment techniques to ideally restore the tooth proportion of the maxillary anterior teeth.

Tooth correction and veneers

Here you can see the treatment result of a complex case where the maxillary anterior teeth were treated. For the planning, the future proportion of the teeth was crucial because it is very important for the result.

More information about veneers


The symmetry of the right and left sides is an important factor for the esthetic appearance. If a tooth is not in place on one side or has been lost, it is important to replace it symmetrically to the opposite side. Otherwise, even laymen will immediately recognize that something is wrong with the teeth. 

Replacement of a missing tooth

In this case, a lateral anterior tooth was not in place. The gap was closed from one side, which led to a crooked position of the entire row of teeth. A dental correction was performed to create space for the replacement of the tooth and straighten the teeth. The tooth at the end was replaced by an adhesive bridge.

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Straight teeth

Crooked teeth not only look unaesthetic, they are also the cause of medical problems. They make cleaning the teeth more difficult. Furthermore, crooked teeth lead to increased and uneven wear of the teeth, as they make contact in places where this is not normally the case. Today, there are modern treatment techniques with which the tooth position can be corrected invisibly and comfortably at any age. The aim here is to achieve the correct position and the tooth axis that is individually suitable for each tooth. 


Crooked teeth often lead to consequential damage. In this case, to increased wear of the teeth. The aim of the treatment was to stop the destructive process and to beautify the teeth. For this purpose, teeth were corrected with Invisalign.

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Tooth length

Tooth length is a crucial factor in making teeth appear normal. Teeth can shorten continuously due to malocclusions or functional problems. Since this is a gradual process, patients often only notice it when the process is already well advanced and suddenly accelerates sharply. As part of the treatment, the reason for the shortening must first be found and eliminated. Then the teeth are restored to their natural shape. 

Lingual braces and veneers

The patient's teeth had been wearing down increasingly for years. The cause was the position of the teeth. The edges of the front teeth bit exactly on each other, which led to the wear. This problem was solved by braces. Subsequently, the teeth were restored to their natural length with veneers. 

Tooth form

Your tooth shape is as individual as you are. We use modern methods with the help of artificial intelligence to find the right tooth shape for our patients. This takes into account the shape of the face, up to the personality of the patient. We can also simulate this before the treatment. As a research associate at the University of Freiburg, Dr. Sebastian Horvath conducted a number of studies on artificial intelligence and tooth shape planning. 

Dental rehabilitation

The shape of the teeth is an important factor for the aesthetic appearance. In this case, some teeth were genetically too small. Others were badly worn. The patient's tooth shape was completely changed and the result achieved that the patient wanted. 

Information on complex dental rehabilitations


The gums surrounding the teeth are the frame for the teeth. Healthy gums run along the enamel, symmetrically on both sides. Between the teeth, the gums are closed and no black triangles can be seen. The cause of problems here is often a wrong position of the teeth or gum disease. We analyze where the problem comes from and based on that we work out a plan to solve it. We can improve the position of the teeth or surgically correct the gums. Black triangles can be closed with veneers.

Surgical correction

This case illustrates very well how important the gums are for the esthetic appearance. Missing gums were surgically replaced and thus a harmonious, symmetrical image was achieved.

Wide smile

Julia Roberts has a beautiful smile. When she laughs, you can see her teeth all the way to the back of her mouth. Often the teeth are too far inward and the dental arch is too narrow, which leads to an unaesthetic smile. If this is the case with you, we analyze what the cause is. Then we work out a treatment plan to bring the teeth further out so that they are more visible when you smile. 

Dental rehabilitation

The patient was bothered by the fact that so few teeth were visible when she smiled. The cause was an excessively narrow upper jaw due to malocclusion. A dental correction widened the upper jaw and replaced the old crowns.

Tooth color

Bright, white teeth look great. Tooth color has a very strong effect on the appearance. Bright teeth rejuvenate the smile. There are several methods for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening by bleaching is a successful and minimally invasive method to whiten teeth. In severe cases, discolored teeth can be permanently whitened with veneers.


The patient wanted beautiful, straight and bright teeth. We were able to achieve this by correcting her teeth and bleaching them.

Tooth whitening with bleaching

Individual details

The perfect result lives from small imperfections. Each of us has rough edges. The same is true for our teeth. In addition to the scientific parameters, we build small details into the teeth. These include the lines on the teeth where the light refracts, the inner structure and the tooth surface. These details make the result natural and exciting. Today, there are also prefabricated teeth from the package that you only have to glue on. However, we only use individually made restorations, because we are convinced that this is the only way we can do justice to the individual personality of our patients.

Invisalign and Veneers

The patient wanted an esthetic improvement that suited her personally. We were able to achieve this by correcting her teeth with Invisalign and veneers.  The surface of the veneers was adapted to the natural lower teeth to achieve a natural result.

More information about veneers

Orthodontics and esthetic dentistry from a single source

In many cases, a combined treatment with orthodontics and restorative dentistry is necessary to achieve an optimal result.

From one hand

In complex cases involving several disciplines, communication between the doctors involved is crucial for the success of the treatment. Since we combine these interdisciplinary skills in our practice in Jestetten, we have specialized in such complex treatments.

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