Beautiful teeth, personalized - our goal for your smile

Beautiful teeth are not only a sign of health and care, but also an expression of your personality. In our practice, every smile is individually designed. Because the shape, color and arrangement of your teeth should harmoniously match your face and your personality.

On this page, you will find out how we use modern dental techniques and a deep understanding of aesthetic principles to offer individual treatment solutions in our practice that are tailored precisely to your wishes. Whether you want to actively shape your smile or rely on our expertise, we will go through all the steps with you so that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Custom-made teeth with Dr. Horvath in Jestetten near Zurich

Unique like you

Individual anterior teeth by Dr. Horvath

The art of diversity

Science meets esthetics: The decisive role of tooth shape

The shape of your teeth is crucial for the aesthetics of your smile. In our practice, we use the latest techniques and scientific findings to determine the ideal tooth shape for each patient. Not only the color, but above all the shape of the teeth plays an important role in creating a harmonious overall appearance. Our individual treatment plans take into account the personal characteristics of each face to create a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing smile. Find out more about the science and art of the perfect tooth shape in our practice.

High-tech meets aesthetics

3D visualization with Dr. Horvath

Aesthetics in detail

Understanding the role of shape and lineangles

The central role of the maxillary incisors

How the right tooth shape emphasizes personality

Beauty and well-being

Aesthetics meets functionality in dental restoration

Position and harmony of the incisal edges: The cornerstone of an esthetic smile

The incisal edges of the upper teeth play a decisive role in the esthetic result of a smile. Ideally, they should follow the curve of the lower lip in a gentle arc when smiling. Deviations in the shape or height of the incisal edges can affect the overall appearance of the smile. In our practice, we use precise techniques to shape these edges to create a natural and harmonious smile. We make sure that the length and shape of each individual tooth is precisely adjusted to achieve optimum aesthetics that enhance your personal appearance.

Restore tooth length

Your path to a youthful smile

Restoring harmony

The esthetic arch of the incisal edges

From pointed to open

Interincisal angles and their role in the smile

Dominant smile, teeth of equal length

Individuality in aesthetics

Nature as a model: uniqueness in dental esthetics

In dental aesthetics, we strive to imitate the perfection and beauty of nature. A natural smile is characterized by individual features such as fine cracks, varying translucency and subtle colour gradients. These characteristics give every smile a unique and vibrant appearance. In our practice, we place particular emphasis on understanding these natural characteristics and recreating them in our treatments. Experience how we use the finest dental technology to emphasize your individual dental features and create an authentic, vibrant smile.

Characteristic lines

Fine cracks and their significance in dental esthetics

Light transmission in dentistry

The role of translucency

Delicate contrasts

White spots as a sign of individual beauty

Youthful dynamics through tooth surface design

Natural texture

Three ways to perfect teeth: individualization and characterization at different levels

Every person is unique and so should their smile be. Here we use three different patient cases to show you how individual the possibilities of dental esthetics can be. From minimal to intensive - each treatment is tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual. Discover how we use different techniques and approaches to create customized solutions that reflect not only the dental aesthetics but also the personality of each patient.

A smile with minimal characterization

Bright smile with focus on shape and lines

Naturally beautiful

Idealized aesthetics with a personal touch

Maximum individuality

Tailor-made dental art for a unique smile

Customized aesthetic dentistry 

Dr. Horvath's dental practice is your partner for naturally beautiful teeth that underline your personality.

Straight teeth, symmetry and proportion: The architecture of an ideal smile

A harmonious smile is more than the sum of its individual parts. The perfect coordination of proportions, symmetry and tooth axes is crucial for an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance. These elements are crucial for a smile that radiates health and beauty. In this section, we explain these important aspects and how we implement them in our practice to give you the best possible smile.

Designing the perfect smile

Harmony through proportion

Balance in the smile

The importance of dental symmetry

The basis of a healthy smile

Straight teeth and dental axes

Healthy gums, beautiful smile

Symmetry and completeness

Restoration of the natural smile

The importance of tooth length

Dental arch expansion for visible esthetics

Broad smile, radiant effect

Bright teeth, a radiant smile

Your tooth shade, your decision

Realize your dreams: our expertise in aesthetic dentistry

In our practice, Dr. Nicole Horvath and Dr. Sebastian Horvath form a dynamic team specializing in aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Nicole Horvath, a specialist in orthodontics, brings her expertise in tooth alignment, while Dr. Sebastian Horvath, a specialist in DGPro prosthetics and aesthetic restorative dentistry, ensures that every restoration looks and functions perfectly. This team enables us to overcome complex esthetic challenges and provide treatments that are both functional and esthetic at the highest level. Find out more about the unique skills of our team and how you can benefit from them.

Specialist dentist for orthodontics

Dr. Nicole Horvath

Dr. Nicole Horvath, specialist dentist for orthodontics, specializes in invisible tooth corrections with aligners and internal braces. Her aim is to give patients of all ages an aesthetic smile without compromising their quality of life. At Dr. Horvath's group practice in Jestetten, she combines professional expertise with individual patient care.

Dentist and Specialist for Prosthodontics (DGPro)

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dr. Sebastian Horvath, a certified specialist in prosthetics (DGPro), is distinguished by his expertise in high-tech procedures and aesthetic dentistry with a strong focus on pioneering treatment methods. Numerous publications and lectures underline his innovative strength.

360°-aesthetic dentistry

Your path to a radiant smile

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