Professional dental hygiene

Prevention of illnesses

Oral health maintenance is the basis for a beautiful smile, as it is for a healthy and satisfying attitude towards one’s own teeth. Therefore, helping our patients to prevent oral diseases is one of the most important treatment measures in a modern dental surgery.

Prevention concept

To support our patients’ oral health we developed a prevention concept which specifically supports our patients according to their individual risk and needs. Even after finishing treatment we will supporting our patients  professionally to preserve the long-term therapy success.

Professionally trained staff

In our office, dental hygiene is performed by professionally trained and highly qualified staff.

The procedure of a professional dental hygiene appointment

We start with inspecting the teeth and gums, followed by the gentle and efficient removal of hard and soft plaque on the tooth surface, using manual instruments, ultrasonic devices and powder blasters. To avoid a new bacteria and plaque accumulating, the tooth surfaces are polished until they are glossy with special polishers. Finally the patient is informed about daily oral hygiene and potential areas of difficulty and any other queries are answered.

Supervision with an individual recall interval

According to the individual risk profile and our prevention plan we define the intervals in between the dental hygiene appointments.