Invisalign attachment

Attachments are retaining elements made of tooth-colored plastic that are bonded to some of the teeth to be moved. They are almost invisible and can only be seen when looking very closely. Depending on the type of tooth movement required, there are different shapes of attachments. Among others, there are square, triangular or oval aligner attachments. These are bonded to the teeth for the duration of the tooth movement and removed after the aligner treatment is completed. Both the attachment and removal of these adhesive points are completely painless. The tooth is neither damaged nor affected by this. 

What color are the attachments?

The attachments are made of a material that is also used for tooth-colored fillings. Before starting treatment, we determine your individual tooth color and select the appropriate material. This ensures that the attachments have the exact color of your teeth and are not visible.

Why are aligner attachments needed?

There are simple and difficult tooth movements. An example of a complex tooth movement is a strong rotation of a tooth. If teeth are to be moved in a complex manner, a direct force transmission from the aligner to the tooth is required. This is where the attachments come in. They give the splint more "grip" to move the tooth in a targeted manner. Whether, and which attachments are needed is planned individually for each tooth during the planning of your case. 

Do aligner attachments interfere with eating?

The attachments are so discreet that you get used to them completely after just a few hours. They do not interfere with eating. You can still eat and drink whatever you want. 

How do you clean Invisalign attachments?

Cleaning the Invisalign attachments is unproblematic. They are automatically cleaned as part of daily oral hygiene. No additives or special utensils are required.

Invisalign before and after

See here some cases treated in our specialized practice. From simple corrections, to complex interdisciplinary treatments, treatment with invisible braces is possible. All cases shown on our website have been treated entirely in our practice. 

Invisalign before and after

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