Dr. Domonkos Horvath


Dr. Domonkos Horvath studied dental medicine at Freiburg University. After completing his doctorate he spent 4 years doing postgraduate training with his focus on restorative dentistry at the Academy of Dental Training in Karlsruhe. In 1985, he set up his dental office in Jestetten, with the aim of building up a office driven by advanced academic education and innovation.

In the past decades, Dr. Horvath has been developing innovative products and new treatment techniques in the medical and dental field parallel to his activities as a dentist. This work has led to several patents and international cooperation with universities, scientific institutes and companies.


  • 1976 – 1981: Dental medicine at Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg, Qualification: State Examination.
  • 1982: Doctorate (Dr. med. dent.)

Professional life

  • 1981 – 1984: employed as a dentist at the Academy of Dental Training in Karlsruhe, Director: Prof. Dr. M. Heners.
  • Seit 1985: office for dentistry Dr. Horvath in Jestetten


Research and development

  • Innovations and new treatment techniques in the fields of dental isolation, bone regeneration and reconstructive dental medicine.
  • Cooperation with numerous international universities, scientific institutes and companies.
  • 2005: Won the Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) in Gold for product development of OptraGate For further information ▸


  • Rubber Dam
    Horvath D
    2001: AT499898
  • Lip and Cheek Expander
    Horvath D
    2001: US2008153058
  • Device for the regeneration of tissue, specifically bone regeneration by means of callus distraction
    Horvath D
    2003: US2007059827
  • Rubber Dam and/or Lip and Cheek Expander
    Horvath D
    2005: EP1709935
  • Matrix for Delimiting the Filling Space in the Field of Dentistry and Method for Filling a Cavity of a Tooth
    Horvath D, Horvath SD
    2006: WO2006007885
  • Matrix for Defining a Cavity in Dental Care and Method for Filling a Cavity in a Tooth
    Horvath SD, Horvath D
    2006: WO2006011003
  • Three-Dimensional Artificial Callus Distraction
    Horvath D
    2006: US2010049330
  • Ceramic dental body for making replacement tooth parts, e.g. inlays, veneers or crowns, comprises zones with elastic moduli similar to those of dentine and enamel and, in the latter case, contains load-bearing fibres
    Horvath D
    2006: DE102006051294
  • Separating wedge for use in universal plier, has base at range between one to ten millimeters, where wedge is round so that wedge leaves place for interdental bridge of cofferdam gum that is stretched over close contact point between hooks
    Horvath D
    2006: DE102006026421
  • Device Comprising a Swelling Agent and Sheathing for Artificial Callus Distraction
    Horvath D
    2008: US2011009978
  • Pellet-shaped device for use in applicator nozzle for regeneration of bone during e.g. tumor surgery, has tube- or capsule-shaped casing expandable and/or deformable depending on force effect caused by volume increase of expanding agent
    Horvath D
    2009: DE102008064628
  • Interdental element for use in interdental area, has clamping area and flat holding area connected to rear end of clamping area, where flat holding area extends in plane which extends parallel to rear end area of central longitudinal axis
    Wolf A, Horvath D
    2009: DE102008021176
  • Granulated Material Mixture Comprising Two Different Granulated Materials for Artificial Callus Distraction
    Horvath D
    2009: DE102009042493
  • Industrially Producible Veneer to be Permanently Fixed to a Tooth
    Horvath D, Horvath SD
    2009: WO2010115610
  • Interdental Device
    Horvath D, Horvath SD
    2011: EP2378996

Scientific publications

  • Moderne Isolationstechniken mit OptraDam und OptraGate – Die besondere Rolle der Kontaktpunktüberwindung bei der Kofferdam-Applikation.
    Horvath D, Horvath SD
    Quintessenz Team Journal 2007;37(9):425-434.
  • Kontaktpunktüberwindung in der modernen Kofferdamtechnik.
    Horvath D, Horvath SD
    Quintessenz 2009;61(1):23-33. Download ▸
  • A novel method for lateral callus distraction and its importance for the mechano-biology of bone formation.
    Claes L, Veeser A, Göckelmann M, Horvath D, Dürselen L, Ignatius A
    Bone 2010;47(4):712-717

Activities as a speaker

  • National and international activities as a public speaker in the field of dental isolation.