Decision-making aid: Dental bridge or dental implant - which is better for you?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, patients are often faced with a crucial choice: should it be a dental bridge or a dental implant? Both options offer proven solutions with long-term benefits, but the choice depends heavily on individual factors and personal circumstances.

On this page, we present the key differences, benefits and considerations of both methods. Discover how we make the difference in our practice by providing you with comprehensive advice and a solution tailored to your needs. Our guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Let's find the best way for your smile together!

Personal advice

Your risk profile determines the optimal dental treatment

Dental bridge vs. dental implant

A comprehensive comparison with Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Many years of experience and proven results with dental bridges

Dental bridges are a proven way of closing one or more gaps between teeth. In this section, we explain step by step how a dental bridge is made and fitted and what advantages it offers. Find out how we at Dr. Horvath ensure optimal function and aesthetics of your new bridge through precise fitting and high-quality materials.

Many years of experience and proven results

Dental bridges are one of the best-researched methods of permanently replacing missing teeth. Intensive scientific research into dental bridge technology has shown that dental bridges are a very reliable and durable solution for replacing missing teeth.

No additional surgical intervention necessary

A major advantage of dental bridges over other tooth replacement methods such as implants is that no surgical intervention is required. This makes the treatment less invasive and you can close your tooth gap quickly and effectively and restore the function of your teeth.

Efficiency in just one session

Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we are able to produce dental bridges in just one session. This means minimum effort and maximum efficiency for you. After just one visit to our practice, you can go home with a fully restored smile.

Your teeth are always there

Even if you lose a tooth, we at Dr. Horvath ensure that you never have to be without teeth. We replace the missing tooth immediately with high-quality temporaries, ensuring that you are fully functional during the fabrication of your permanent dental bridge.

Consider neighboring teeth

The choice between a dental bridge and a dental implant can depend crucially on the condition of the neighboring teeth. If these teeth are healthy and need to be stabilized, a bridge can be a good solution as it strengthens the adjacent teeth at the same time. However, if the neighboring teeth are severely damaged or missing, an implant is often the better choice.

Proven dentures explained in detail

The dental bridge

All about dental implants - replacing a missing tooth with an artificial tooth root

Dental implants offer an advanced and permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. In this section, you will find out what a dental implant is, how the treatment works and what advantages this modern technology offers. Using precise procedures and high-quality materials, we ensure that your new implant is both functionally and aesthetically optimal.

Risk minimization through individual implants

Each dental implant is an independent element, meaning that it functions independently of the neighboring teeth. This individual placement minimizes the risk of complications and has no impact on the surrounding teeth. Single implants are therefore an excellent choice for long-term tooth replacement solutions.

The duration of treatment depends on the initial situation

The duration of treatment with dental implants can vary depending on whether a tooth is already missing or whether a damaged tooth needs to be removed first. As a rule, the implant is completely fused to the jawbone within three months.

Surgical procedure with a high success rate

The insertion of a dental implant is a precise surgical procedure that is carried out by experienced specialists in our practice. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and careful planning, complications are minimal and most patients require only minimal pain medication after the procedure.

View of the implant surface

Dental implants have a special surface that makes it easier for them to grow into the jawbone. However, this surface can be problematic in the event of infection as it is more difficult to clean. For patients with a history of gingivitis, a dental bridge may be a better alternative as it offers a smoother surface.

The modern solution for a seamless smile

Dental implants

Focus on patients: our 360° approach to your dental health

Every person and every dental situation is unique. In our practice, we focus on the individual care of each patient. We use scientifically sound methods and our many years of experience to find the best solution for each patient. Find out how we incorporate your personal history and individual needs into our treatment plans.

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Transparent cost overview

Your guide to the costs of treatment with a dental bridge or dental implant

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