Dental bridge or dental implant?

Many patients ask us whether a tooth gap is better treated with a dental bridge or a dental implant. Both are good solutions that also work well for a long time. The individual advantages and disadvantages must be weighed up on a case-by-case basis. Here you will find general information about the two options that can help you decide whether you prefer a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Your individual risk profile

Your individual risk profile is sometimes the most important factor in deciding on one treatment option or another. It is most likely that you will have problems in the future from the same direction that is responsible for the existing tooth loss. At your first appointment with us, we will prepare your individual risk profile and give you professional advice on how to make the right decision. 

Treatment with a dental bridge

Many years of experience

Dental bridges were one of the first treatment options to permanently replace missing teeth. Therefore, dental bridges are scientifically very well studied. In this regard, they show excellent long-term success.


No extra surgery

The entire treatment for a dental bridge takes place above the gums. Therefore, no extra surgery is necessary to replace the missing teeth.


Only one session

We can make dental bridges in just one session using the latest technology. This is a great advantage. You come to our practice only once and after a few hours you have your missing teeth back. 


Teeth always available

Even if a tooth still has to be removed, it is still present during the whole treatment period. For this we remove the tooth. Afterwards, you will immediately receive a long-term temporary denture made by computer-assisted procedures, which will replace the missing tooth. After six months we make the definitive dental bridge. However, the tooth is always visually and functionally present.


Teeth adjacent to the gap

The teeth adjacent to the gap are a main factor in recommending treatment with a dental bridge or dental implants. If these are in poor condition or missing completely, we recommend replacing the missing teeth with dental implants. Even if the adjacent teeth do not have restorations or defects, we recommend dental implants because otherwise they would have to be ground down. If the adjacent teeth are already filled, the dental bridge is a very good option. The teeth are pre-damaged and are even strengthened by the dental crowns that support the bridge. This is also a financial advantage because the crowns on these teeth are already included in the dental bridge.

What is a dental bridge?

In a dental bridge, the missing tooth is replaced by a restoration that rests on the adjacent teeth. It is firmly bonded to the teeth and cannot be removed. Dental bridges are scientifically well studied in the long term and have a very high treatment success. 

More information about dental bridges

Treatment with dental implants

Minimizing the risk

When missing teeth are replaced with dental implants, each element is individual. This is an advantage as it reduces the risk. The smaller the restorations, the smaller the problem if complications occur.


Duration of treatment

If a tooth has been missing for a long time, the implant can be placed directly. It now takes three months for the dental implant to fuse with the jawbone and replace the missing tooth. If a hopeless tooth has to be removed first, the treatment is usually prolonged by three months to six months until the tooth is available again.


Necessary surgery

The placement of an implant is a surgical procedure. Patients often have a lot of respect for this. We have over 30 years of experience in implantology. Correctly performed, the healing process is usually very good. The most common cause of pain after surgery is bleeding and swelling. However, during implant treatment a perfectly fitting screw is inserted into the prepared hole, so there is no extensive bleeding and swelling. Patients usually take a painkiller after the surgery. Alternatively, the missing tooth can be replaced with a dental bridge. In this case, the necessary surgery is not required. 


Rough implant surface

Regardless of the material, dental implants have a rough surface. This is the prerequisite for the dental implant to grow firmly with the body's own bone. However, if an infection occurs, this rough surface is problematic. To treat the infection, plaque and bacteria must be removed. In the acute treatment and also over years during oral hygiene at home. However, due to the rough surface this is not well possible and therefore a risk factor for patients who have had previous problems with tooth loss due to gingivitis and periodontitis. Here, the dental bridge is a good alternative as teeth with the smooth root surface can be kept clean more easily. 

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tooth root-shaped screw that is anchored in the jawbone. The dental implant grows together with the bone. Once it is firmly anchored, a dental crown can be anchored to it to replace the missing tooth.

More information about dental implants

Treatment costs

We create transparency to support you in your decision-making process as to which services you wish to use from a cost perspective. Our fundamental goal is that our patients achieve added value for themselves from the treatment.

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