OptraDam is an anatomically shaped rubber dam. Due to the built-in three-dimensional frame, OptraDam can be easily applied by one person and allows a full view of the working field. 

Isolation as the basis of modern dentistry

The use of OptraDam as a closed anatomical 3D cover of the oral cavity, in addition to its function of “absolute isolation”, gains special importance in the fight against the corona pandemic due to its effective aerosol protection function. The patented innovation comes from our practice. In cooperation with Ivoclar Vivadent, the product has been successfully marketed worldwide since 2007.

With its 3D double ring design, OptraDam finely envelops the intraoral mucosa, completely seals the pharynx and protects extraorally like OptraGate and envelops the lips. For the isolation of individual teeth or groups of teeth, the elastic covering material is specifically perforated.
OptraDam is designed for absolute isolation and is a useful complement to OptraGate, which covers all treatments with relative isolation.

When is absolute isolation needed and what are its advantages?

Absolute isolation with aspiration protection is a requirement for endodontic treatments. In microscopic root canal treatment, success indisputably depends on aseptic treatment. OptraDam fulfills several useful tasks here at the same time. First of all, thanks to its unique design principle with a double ring like OptraGate, it performs all the advantages for treatment identically to OptraGate and relieves the patient, dentist and dental assistant in equal measure. As a fine barrier membrane, it ensures that the treatment environment remains germ-free during treatment.

Advantages for the patient

Patients find it pleasant that the elastic spring force of the rings supports the opening of the mouth and that the lips and cheek mucosa are covered and protected. 

Advantages for the dentist

The dentist can work under the best possible conditions with OptraDam. The lips and cheeks are covered and the mucosa is protected from chemicals and mechanical irritation. Optimal visibility is essential for the quality of dental treatment, and the 3D design of OptraDam is particularly superior to two-dimensional and therefore less anatomically adapted competitor products.

Advantages for the assistant 

In endodontic treatment in particular, the assistant is quickly pushed to its limits when, in addition to supplying material and instruments, which are needed in abundance and in a variety of ways during endodontic treatment, the gentle and constant holding of the lip and cheek must also be performed in parallel with treatment support. OptraDam takes care of this gently and always ensures a stress-free procedure during the often very long endodontic treatments.

Aspiration protection

A very important task of OptraDam is aspiration protection, which is why its use is obligatory. In a lying position, patients would not be protected without the complete covering if small pointed root canal files or broken instruments or materials got out of control and were accidentally swallowed or, even more dangerous, if they were aspirated and got stuck in the airways for good. Therefore, the use of rubber dam is absolutely essential in endodontics. The absolute dry liner facilitates and supports the modern adhesive treatments where absolute dry liner perfects the treatment results. OptraDam is also very useful in modern CAD/CAM treatments with ceramic inlays, onlays, overlays, partial crowns, because it prevents drilled-out amalgam filling residues from contacting the mucosa or even being swallowed or aspirated when amalgam fillings are replaced and, above all, it ensures that adhesive cementation can be carried out optimally with the complete exclusion of saliva.

Protection against infections with OptraDam

The current time and the past years show worldwide by the Corona Pandemic the enormous importance of aerosol protection in the fight against pandemics. Dental treatment is an extremely dangerous situation, because dentists and assistants cannot escape the immediate vicinity. The only thing that can help here is effective aerosol protection, which prevents the dangerous viruses from remaining behind the barrier with the breathable air and being sucked out immediately. It is also possible to adapt a virus filter by making a small perforation in the masking material above the palate.

Advantages of OptraDam

OptraDam thus completes the OptraGate range of applications and closes the gap for aspiration protection, absolute isolation and aerosol protection.
aerosol protection. 


OptraDam application

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