OptraGate is a user-friendly, circular lip and cheek retractor for extending the treatment area. It allows full access to the working field, without obstruction by instruments or hands. 

Worldwide success

Immediately after its launch, OptraGate won the Medical Design Excellence Award in Gold in 2005. Since then, OptraGate has been sold more than 100 million times and enjoys the greatest popularity worldwide.

The patent-protected innovation comes from our practice in Jestetten. In cooperation with Ivoclar Vivadent AG in Liechtenstein, we succeeded in developing a latex-free high-tech product whose extra-fine encapsulating covering agent is still a technical challenge in injection molding technology.

What can the product do and why is OptraGate so popular? 

OptraGate was developed for all dental and dental hygiene treatments. Because the lip and cheek cover the teeth, they must be gently held in place. This task is performed by the completely latex-free and hygienic OptraGate disposable product. When inserted, it protectively envelops the lips and with its flexible wings it keeps the cheeks away. ES provides an excellent panoramic view of all teeth.

The application offers great advantages for all parties involved: patient, dentist and dental assistant.

Patients benefit from the enveloping properties of the masking material, which offers the highest possible comfort and fully protects the lips. The well-proportioned suspension of the rings not only keeps the cheeks in place, but also supports the opening of the mouth and prevents fatigue of the chewing muscles, even for long or extra-long treatments. It is incomparably calmer than manual holding, where the largely static monotonous posture can also understandably lead to fatigue and positional changes, and thus often to restlessness.

The dentist enjoys the largest possible panoramic view of the teeth. And under optimal visibility, he can treat with precision. Treatment becomes much clearer because instead of four hands of dentist and assistant, the dentist can now perform complicated and lengthy treatments alone with more freedom of movement and room to maneuver. The application and removal of OptraGate is easy to learn and takes hardly any time. If necessary, this can also be done during treatment where, for example, chairside CAD/CAM treatment requires a short break due to grinding of the ceramic blocks. OptraGate meets the highest possible hygiene standards of the WHO (World Health Organization) because it is a hygienically packaged disposable product. There is hardly any dental product that has such a wide range of applications as OptraGate. It starts with diagnostics, dental photography, dental hygiene and covers all treatments such as restorative, prosthetic, periodontal, orthodontic, implantological and oral surgical treatments. The OptraGate application is particularly popular for modern CAD/CAM treatments with intraoral cameras and scanners, because OptraGate makes it easy to scan in all four quadrants without additional assistance.

OptraGate relieves the assistant of the monotonous task of holding the patient’s hand and allows him or her to take on creative tasks such as active assistance with the delivery of instruments and materials, patient education, electronic documentation and control of the hygiene chain. With the help of OptraGate, the dentist is not continuously dependent on the assistant, thus avoiding stress and increasing personal development in the practice. The dental hygienist can work autonomously because OptraGate assists and quietly keeps the lips and cheeks clean. 


Application OptraGate

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